The Science Behind Blue Light Filter Spectacles

young gamer playing game on computer wearing blue light filter spectacles

Hey there, fellow gamers! Ever wondered about the sneaky culprit behind those tired eyes after a marathon gaming session? It’s blue light, the not-so-friendly glow emanating from your screens. But fear not! We’ve got the lowdown on blue light and why you should consider embracing the magic of blue light […]

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Blue Light Gaming Effects: Eyes, Performance, and Solutions

two desktop screens side-by-side and a keyboard in a dark room

Understanding Blue Light: Shedding Light on the Culprit Behind Digital Eye Strain Hey there, tech enthusiast! Ever wondered why your eyes feel like they’ve been through a marathon after a gaming spree? Let’s unravel the mystery of blue light, the sneaky culprit causing all the fuss in the gaming world. […]

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